Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Launching for Nintendo Switch and PS4

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered

Square Enix has announced that a remastered version of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles will be launched for the Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch. A short trailer of the game was showed in the Playstation Lineup Tour which is a pre Tokyo Game Show event.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles first came out for the Nintendo GameCube back in 2004. The gameplay tasks players to battle enemies and solving puzzles. The main objective in the story is to gather Myrrh which is an energy source that sustains crystals that are need to protect the world from Miasma.

The Gameplay on the GameCube featured multiplayer capabilities and characters that you played with. One character had to carry the crystal chalice that would allow you and your friend group to move forward through the poisonous miasma that covered the world, while the chalice could also be put own when you had to fight.

The menus and actions were all conveniently displayed in the portable display screen on the GameCube that also included a map and gave limited information of each player.
In the original game, players could play the multiplayer game via a link cable that connected Nintendo GameCube. However the new remastered game will have multiplayer functionality via internet connectivity.

The implementation of the multiplayer makes sense on the Nintendo Switch, while we yet have to see how the Playstation 4 version of the game will emulate it.

Information is still very scarce at the moment aside from the fact that it will be “more beautiful than ever”. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition will be released in Japan in 2019; there is no other word when it will be released worldwide.

The Playstation Lineup Tour has come up with many games including a Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer that features the Big Hero 6 world and characters.

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