Fight Through Vietnam to Find Your Missing Brother in When I Was Young

When I Was Young

WallRus Group and Art Games Studio S.A. have announced that their Early Access game When I Was Young is now fully released. The Vietnam War shooter has received its latest update and the game is now no longer in Early Access. The game stayed in Early Access for around 6 months during which the developer worked closely with the community to complete the development of the title.

During these six months, the major focus of the developers has been to polish combat and the aiming mechanic of the game. During this phase, many new animations and bugfixes have also been released for the game. Various accessibility options have also been added to the game. With the full update now released for the game, players have access to the complete story expanding over 9 stories, collectible masks hidden throughout each level, and different updates such as changes in enemy AI.

Check out the release trailer of the game below:

Key features of When I Was Young include:

  • Engaging Gameplay – Conquer the trials of the Vietnam War in hardcore and exciting 2D combat experience, including numerous types of enemies, highly detailed shooting mechanics and unique gameplay challenges. Do you have what it takes?
  • Thrilling Storyline – Discover the fate of your brother and find your place in the enchanting storyline inspired by many of the best depictions of the Vietnam War on the big screen. Enjoy nine full chapters of the story.
  • Stylish Presentation – Immerse yourself in the great entourage of the 1960s, accompanied by an excellent soundtrack and eye-pleasing pixel graphics. Push through the lush jungles, war-torn streets, and underground tunnels!

We previewed an Early Access version of When I Was Young and we really liked the concept and brutal combat of the game. Make sure that you check it out. Otherwise, if you want to buy the game, head over to Steam to add the game to your wishlist or jump in the game right away.

Are you looking forward to exploring brutal Vietnam in order to find your missing brother? Let us know in the comments section below.

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