Fear the Wolves Early Access Gameplay Released – New Battle Royale Game

Fear the Wolves

In recent times, the popularity of battle royale games has grown tenfold. Games like Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds have set the tone for this genre of games. Following in their footsteps, many new indie developers are making their own creative spins on this genre. One of the new and upcoming battle royale game, that has made itself look unique is Fear the Wolves, by Vostok Games.

In the gameplay, players drop into a map with 99 other players. Your objective is to scavenge for resources and fight until the last man standing. The fight increases faster and gets more frequent as time passes. A shrinking barrier surrounding the battle area brings the survivors together.

You may be wondering how it is any different from the other battle royale games, but this is where Fear the Wolves gets interesting. What sets it apart is the PvE feature. When you are scavenging and fighting other players, you have to fend off wild animals too. Wolves pose the most danger to you as they hunt in small pockets of players and try to separate slow moving targets before going for the kill. If that isn’t enough, there are more predatory animals roaming the battleground too.

Fear the Wolves

The end of the game is decided by two scenarios, the last man standing or the first one to the escape helicopter. You can decide to kill everyone and end the game, or outrun everyone else to jump on the helicopter first.

Fear the Wolves

The weaponry of this game includes over 20 guns, 25 gun attachments and 15 armors. However, future updates are expected to bring in more items into the game, while also adding more predatory threats that you will have to deal with. New maps and game modes will also be brought in updates.

Fear the Wolves is only available for PC right now as it is expected to be added to console platforms later in 2019. You can purchase the PC version of the game over at Steam for $17.99.

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