Brand-New Free-to-Play Fantasy RTS Smelogs Playground Announced for PC

Smelogs Playground

Developer Nifty Productions has announced its brand-new free-to-play fantasy RRTS Smelogs Playground which is a throwback to the classic RTS titles we all loved when we were growing up. Smelogs Playground will be an easy-to-play and rewarding-to-master strategy game that will offer a vivid experience with multiple new features and quality-of-life improvements. To showcase the game in action, the developers have released the very first trailer for Smelogs Playground as well. Check it out below:

In Smelogs Playground, there is only one faction for all sides, and you will take control of rocky Smelogs to compete against each other for fun and honor. Smelogs Playground ditches all of the complications of RTS games and offers a straightforward RTS experience that is easy for everyone to understand. There is only one Technology Tree with easy controls, shorter matches, and simple mechanics. However, while it is easy to get into, experienced players will find it challenging at acceptable levels.

The game features a unique dynamic upgrade mechanic that allows units to become buildings and buildings to become units. You can upgrade the Smelogs to restore their health and downgrade some of their invested energy. You can change the battlefield by placing down buildings that block paths, and you can further shape the area to create choke points and eliminate incoming enemies at your own terms. Key features of Smelogs Playground are:

  • Volumetric fog of war adds more dynamism to the gameplay and the aesthetic of the game.
  • Base Editor that helps players determine their strategy before starting the match, giving them enough time to set their units and buildings in a more strategic way.
  • Dynamic Tech Tree provides a wonderful, dynamic way to change and side-grade units. Adapt your playstyle quickly to suit the changes happening within the match! 

Smelogs Playground

Smelogs Playground is slated for release on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. If you are interested in playing the game when it comes out, you can add it to your wishlist on your desired platform. Additional details about the game such as a confirmed release date or release window will be announced later.

What are your thoughts on Smelogs Playground, and will you be interested in playing it when it comes out on PC? Let us know in the comments section below.

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