Fallout 76 Seasons Will be Free for All Players, Confirms Bethesda

Fallout 76 Seasons

Bethesda has confirmed that their recently announced Fallout 76 Seasons will be free for all players. The new Season Pass type system for the game was announced last week which includes new progression features, ranks, and rewards.

This comes after players were confused when Bethesda stated last week that all players will be able “to take part in our inaugural Summer Season for free.” This confused everyone and suggested that the following seasons of Fall and Winter might not be free.

A week after the announcement of the seasons, Bethesda has now clarified that the Seasons will in fact be free for all players and that they may be adding extra Fallout 1st bonus rewards in the future. For now, the studio is waiting to see how the players react to the first season in the game.

The new seasons system was introduced with the release of Wastelanders. These will introduce a brand new progression system in Fallout 76 which will offer players new rewards to grind towards. These rewards include Power Armor paints and C.A.M.P. items to Atoms, Perk Packs, Legendary Scrip, and many other rewards.

There is also a new currency coming in the game that will replace Atoms, and it is called S.C.O.R.E. These are earned after you complete daily and weekly challenges.

Seasons in Fallout 76 will arrive sometime in the near future as Bethesda plans for the first season to be in Summer. We expect the first season to go live with update 20 of Fallout 76, and the following season will launch according to the seasons of the real world. However, Bethesda wants to look at the community response to the first season and then focus on fall and winter.

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