Fallout 76 Requires a Massive 51GB Day One Patch for Physical Copy Buyers

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If you are planning to purchase the physical copy of Fallout 76 then sadly you will not be able to jump in the game after installing it as you will need to download a massive 51BG day one patch for the game.

As reported by PSU, the massive 51GB patch is a necessary patch without which players will not be able to jump in the game due to its online nature. This patch seemingly addresses the many changes that went into the game due to its long-running beta. Ever since the game has been in the beta phase, tons of changes have been made to the game.

As players entered the wastelands in the beta phase, they encountered many different bugs and glitches. Some of the most common ones were hunger gauge not filling up properly and major audio issues in the game. Players were also reporting of different inviting issues.

Most of these bugs will be addressed in the day one patch however some of the changes promised to fans will be implemented later in the game such as larger stash and fixing certain other exploits in the game.

Digital purchasers who also participated in the beta should be fine as their beta clients will automatically upgrade to the full game clients. However, all players opting for the physical copies will first need to install the game and then download the day one patch.

The base install of the game sits at around 45GB after a complete installation while the day one patch is 51GB. Hence players will need around 100GB free in their consoles so that they can easily install and update Fallout 76 when the game is finally out.

Are you planning to get the physical edition of Fallout 76? If yes, then get ready for a massive day one patch upon inserting the disc in your console. Let us know in the comments section below about what you think of such huge day one patches.

Fallout 76 is coming out on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on November 14, 2018.

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  1. If I pre ordered the physical copy, could I just cancel that and go for digital copy instead? Or do I lose my beta progress?

    1. As long as your saved files and game region are same, your saved files will carry on. Also if you have been playing the beta, it will automatically upgrade to the full game client. No need to worry about that.

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