Space Strategy Game Falling Frontier Showcases Combat Gameplay and Ships in Latest Trailer

Falling Frontier Trailer

Publisher Hooded Horse has released the latest action-packed trailer for its upcoming space strategy game Falling Frontier which showcases combat gameplay and ships. The new trailer reveals the rework of the game’s combat mechanics alongside a brand-new design for the fan-favorite destroyer, the Hano. Check out these latest developments and all-new gameplay in the trailer below before we jump into additional details:

Continuing from the previously released Sukula Mining Barge trailer for Falling Frontier, the latest trailer dives deep into the newly reworked combat gameplay footage as Martian and Titan-pattern Hano destroyers battle around the planet Saturn. The trailer showcases changes to different mechanics including:

  • Faction variants of the new Hano model
  • Improved ship movement mechanics
  • Improved combat model, including missile tracking and countermeasures
  • Improved damage model
  • Tactical slow-motion
  • Free-range orbital camera
  • Updated UI, including for managing point-defense cannons

As of now, Hano is now in its final form since Aleksandre Lortkipanidze, an artist, joined the development team of Falling Frontier. Since his joining, Aleksandre has been working to design new and reworked ship models to enhance Falling Frontier’s visual identity. New frigate models with faction variants are next in the pipelines so we can expect new development updates in the coming weeks and months.

Falling Frontier is an upcoming sci-fi RTS where you will use intel and logistics to conquer your enemies. You will design ships and raid enemy supply lines to weaken them as you lay minefields, construct recon stations, and ambush unsuspecting enemies to claim their resources, and more. The game features a procedurally generated star system filled with moons, asteroid fields, and nebulae. Instead of using brute force to conquer your enemies, Falling Frontier focuses more on strategy, creating stronger supply lines and more in order to conquer the galaxy.

Falling Frontier Trailer

Falling Frontier is currently in development and is slated for an Early Access release on PC in 2023. It will release on Steam, GOG, and Epic Games Store where fans can add the game to their wishlists as well. Additional details about Falling Frontier will be revealed later.

What are your thoughts on the latest trailer released for Falling Frontier? Did you like the new gameplay mechanics and the ships featured in it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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