F1 2018 Career Mode Guide – Team Building, Team Targets, Managing R&D

F1 2018 Career Mode Guide

F1 2018 has the most detailed Career Mode ever to feature in any F1 game making it one of the best aspects of playing the new F1 2018. We have curated this F1 2018 Career Mode Guide, which focuses on the Career Mode of F1 2018. We have shared some of the best tips and strategies that will help you kick starting your racing career in F1 2018.

The Career Mode in F1 2018 has many new features such as interviews and more car building options in the development trees. It also features mid-season regulation changes, which is in accordance of the new FIA rules implemented by the governing body for F1 Franchise. Below you will find some important strategies and tips regarding all these new features as well as the overall career mode of F1 2018.

Career Mode Guide – F1 2018

Below we have listed some helpful strategies and tips for you relating to the Career Mode of F1 2018.

Build the Right Team

Since you create your own team in F1 Career Mode, it is very important that you have the best possible team, which can carry out all the tasks required effectively. Your team plays a big part in your racing career in F1 2018 so it is vital that you put extra effort in building the best team possible.

When you build a team in F1 2018, they will have certain expectations from their driver. If your game style differs from that of your team, there will be a huge misunderstanding and the team will not be effective. You need to make sure that you pick a team that goes along well with your playstyle.

Stats such as Showmanship or Sportsmanship matter a lot in F1 2018 Career Mode and your team will have specific demands from you. Make sure that you have the right team or play according to their rules unless you can opt for a team, which suits, to your playstyle rather than following your team.

Your relationship with your team will also matter when you will be looking to sign another contract. If your terms with your team are not good, some of the better teams out there will simply refuse to sign a contract with you. Hence, it is very important that you maintain a healthy relationship with your team and there is no better way of doing this than building a team that suits your playstyle.

Beat Team Targets

Sometime your team will set some targets for you to beat. These could include beating rivals, time scores or other such challenges. These challenges are a great way of maintain a good relationship with your team. More targets you beat, better your relationship becomes and more your team trusts you. This also works well when you are looking to sign a new contract. This is also important because if you fail to achieve these targets, your team might dismiss you as a driver if your points drop to a certain low level.

Carefully Manage your Research and Development

One of the most important departments of your team is the R&D department. These points are not earned easily so you must spend them very carefully. Once researched, you cannot go back so it works one way. While spending points, you must make sure that you really want the new upgrade that you are going to spend your points in.

Thoroughly test out your car on the track, rather different tracks so you get to know the true feel of your car and then go for R&D upgrades. Upgrades once done cannot be undone so you will be stuck with the wrong upgrade if you do it hastily. Take your time with the car, it is always better to wait a bit before finalizing a R&D upgrade.

The in-game body also could change rules mid-season and you might need to make some important changes to the car in order to be eligible for racing so always have some spare research points handy. Do not always spend your entire research points in a single go. You never know when the rules of the game might change.

Manage Press and Opposition Smartly

New to F1 2018 Career Mode are interviews and they are not only a useless feature added in the game. These interviews are a vital part of the career mode now and they affect your progress as a driver with your team as well as the opposition. During an interview, you will be required to answer some questions and the way you manage them will determine your racing attitude.

Some of the answers will favor sportsmanship while some of the answers will favor showmanship. You will need to find the right answers, which go in favor of your team’s expectations and your own self. Sometimes you will be required to say something against the opposition so this might go against you. F1 2018 has a slider which shows your current standing. You can check your reputation level via this slider.

You will need to strike a good balance between being a bad guy and a good guy to remain at good terms with everyone around you. Your reputation in the F1 world will be made on these interviews and how you handle them. You can choose to have rivals in F1 2018, which is a great way of gaining respect. The game also offers the best rivals to choose from so simply pick a rival and beat them for ultimate glory. It also keeps you more motivated in your game to be the best one out there.

Humble Starts are More Beneficial

When you start your racing career, never jump for the best team out there. If you really want to learn the true journey of an F1 driver, always aim for a team that suffers sometimes and is not always at the top of its game. A good team will support you in getting you to the top but a medium level team will teach you about everything that a good F1 driver must know about.

This increases the F1 experience as you spend more time making the car and the team better and along the way, you get to understand more of how the teams work in an actual F1 race. This is what F1 2018 is all about, providing the real authentic experience of every kind. It also gives you a more sense of accomplishment when you win with a weaker car as compared to other more powerful cars.

This concludes our F1 2018 Career Mode Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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