Executive Shawn Layden Talks About Why It Took So Long To Bring Cross Play On PlayStation 4

Cross Play

Sony has recently announced it is looking forward to bring cross play support to multiplayer online games. The cross play support will enable PlayStation 4 players to connect with Xbox One or PC users for a PVE or PVP experience.

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Although, the beta testing is currently running with Fortnite leading the cross play banner on PlayStation 4. Shawn Layden says we are aiming for bringing large number of games to cross play support.

Shawn Layden also recently announced the news while discussing on games at PlayStation Blogcast that PlayStation Experience also know as PSX will not happen this year. Since last couple of years, Sony stages PlayStation Experience event after Halloween. The PSX event is also a second E3 for PlayStation fans. Interestingly, Sony has revealed a lot of good content in last couple of PSX events. It is sad to know they are completely missing out this year.

Anyhow, lets talk about more on Cross play support and what Shawn Layden mentioned more on the subject. He has recently discussed what challenges the company faces and how they plan on bringing in the cross play.

… enabling crossplay isn’t just about flipping a switch and there you go. It’s a very multidimensional kind of attribute or feature. So we had to look at it from a technical point of view, we have to work with our partners from a business point of view. We have to make sure that if we enable this, do we have the right customer service support, do we have the right messaging out there, do we have all these different things that you have to get in line. It’s rather ordinal, they have to go in a certain order to get them all set up. That’s why, though it’s taken us longer

Currently, Fortnite on PlayStation 4 is running the beta testing for cross play feature. It connects players from PC and Xbox One with PS4 and all play along together. Shawn Layden further says that once we find out the beta testing and irk out the bugs and other interruptions, we will bring other games to the service over time.

Are you looking for a united service where all players are connected together for PVP or PVE experience? Let us know more your thoughts in comments section below.

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