First Ever Sale on Epic Games Store Turns into an Epic Mess

Epic Games Store Sale

Epic Games recently launched its first ever mega sale on Epic Games Store and it turned out to be an epic mess. What was promised to be a storewide sale turned into a title exclusive sale pretty soon as most titles were pulled from the sale after mere hours of the sale going live. Some of the titles removed from the store were highly sought after by fans.

The sale sounded too good to be true as it stated specific percentage discounts on all titles and an additional flat $10 off titles that were $14.99 or higher. This was an amazing sounding deal as some of recent AAA titles that released on PC were via Epic Games Store which included titles like Metro Exodus and World War Z. Some future titles are also coming to PC exclusively via Epic Games Store which includes Borderlands 3.

However once the sale began, publishers starting pulling their games from the store and the very first one to be pulled from the sale was Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. According to Kotaku, a representative of Epic Games told them that the publisher decided to back out from the sale at the very last second because of which the title is not included in the sale.

The representative also said that it is up to the publisher and not them to include titles in a sale. The store honors the decision of the publisher since it gives them the freedom to manage their games on their store. This was the reason why Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 has been removed from the sale. At this point, the game’s page on Epic Games Store is simply giving a 404 error.

The second title to be removed from Epic Games Store during this sale was Oxygen Not Included and its store is giving the same 404 error at this time. No further detail is known about this title at this time as to why it was removed from the sale despite being on sale for a decent amount of time on the store. Ubisoft also pulled their titles from Epic Games Store before the sale began because of a ‘uPlay integration issue’.

Not but not the least, one game that was going to make Epic Games Store tolerable to a lot of people was Borderlands 3 and guess what, it was removed from the sale as well with its price tags removed and replaced with a coming soon. Epic Games did not care about the money right? You can check out Kotaku’s original article as well for the detailed story on Paradox removing their title from Epic Games Store.

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