Endgame LTM Arrives in Fortnite with Update v8.50

Fortnite Endgame LTM

Epic Games has released the update v8.50 for Fortnite and it brings the much-awaited Endgame LTM to the title. Epic was teasing a Marvel x Fortnite event for the past week and has now finally revealed the event and is also now live in the game. The latest update is now live on the servers however the game downtime is currently active.

In the brand new Marvel crossover, you can play the Endgame LTM as Thanos and the Chitauri or as heroes equipped with Avengers’ weapons. Avengers have to gather all the infinity stone before Thanos because if Thanos collects all Infinity Stones before them, he will not allow anyone to respawn in the game.

The game mode will be played with two teams on each side. One is Avengers while the other Thanos and his goons. Both teams must find all six Infinity Stones and the first one to find them will ensure the victory of their team in the match. At the start of the match, team Thanos will be comprised of all Chitauri Invaders. The first player to find an Infinity Stone will be transformed into Thanos.

Team Avengers will start with maps showing the locations of Mythic Avengers Item. More items will be found in random chests around the map. To win the game, Team Avengers must defeat the Chitauri Invaders and Thanos while Team Thanos must find all six Infinity Stones and defeat the heroes.

Thanos comes with his regular attacks which include a powerful punch, destructive beam and the ability to jump high and then slam to the ground with a powerful punch. The regular Chitauri Invaders will have laser rifles, grenade attack and a jetpack for small leaps around the map.

All six Infinity Stones are present in the map which include Reality Stone, Soul Stone, Mind Stone, Space Stone, Tome Stone, and Power Stone. Each time Thanos adds one to his Infinity Gauntlet, he will unlock special powers and become more powerful. For detailed patch notes, you can check out the official Epic Games press release.

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Are you going to jump in Fortnite and try out the new Endgame LTM? Let us know in the comments section below.

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