Empire of Sin Will Support Mods, Horrifying Things In The Works

Empire of Sin Mods

Empire of Sin is an upcoming strategy game that is set in 1920 and has a gangster theme to it. Not many games have a gangster theme and that is something that makes Empire of Sin special. John Romero from Romero Games talked about different aspects of Empire of Sin such as mods for PC.

John Romero mentioned that Brenda Romero is the lead designer on this game. There is a lot of passion surrounding this title as it combined Brenda’s love of Civilization Revolution, X-COM, and 1920’s prohibition in Chicago.

Romero mentioned that Empire of Sin will feature real crime bosses such as Joe Saltis, Daniel McKee Jackson, and Stephanie St. Clair. There will be others that are made up. He also confirmed that Empire of Sin will support mods on PC. Here is what he had to say regarding the matter:

Definitely. Empire of Sin’s engine was started from the ground up to be a moddable architecture. The game can be fully modded on the PC, including programming. We will be releasing lots of the game’s Lua code as a starting point for modders.

He also talked about how the developer is not holding back. Strategy games might seem light-hearted but Romero mentioned that the VFX team is working on some terrifying stuff that could be included in the game.

Ian O’Neill talked about the goal of the game and the level of freedom the player will have. He mentioned that the goal is to become to king or queen of Chicago but the player can go about doing that in different ways. The player can take a violent approach or take a step back and have a go at diplomacy.

Empire of Sin is coming out in early 2020 and it will be available to play on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

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  1. Played this game for a few hours yesterday (Dec 6th, 2020) and loved it. One thing that would be cool in a future update would be that the out side of the building also upgrades in height. For example a level 5 upgrade on a casino would make the building a little bit taller and also more flashy. I also love the modeling style and would love to have a kit where you could build your own town, maybe even use your own city map divided up in the same way as the actual game map. I love this kind of model, pretty dam cool! Keep up the great work.

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