Memory of God’s Emotional Narrative Game The End of You Arrives on PC this June

The End of You

Solo developer Memory of God, renowned for the critically acclaimed The Stillness of the Wind, has unveiled a deeply emotional journey with their latest project, The End of You. Set to release on June 20th, 2024, the game will be available on PC via Steam and, marking the developer’s first new venture in over five years.

In The End of You, players step into the poignant narrative of Walter, a middle-aged man grappling with the remnants of a past relationship. As players navigate Walter’s 1-bedroom apartment, they confront the emotional weight carried by ordinary objects, each imbued with memories of love and loss.

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Immersive details bring Walter’s world to life: from watching videos on the TV and listening to cassette tapes to browsing shelves and engaging in mundane activities like showering or lounging on the sofa. These actions serve as distractions, allowing Walter to evade confronting the uncomfortable truths of his past and the regrets that haunt him.

Players are tasked with packing away objects tied to the relationship, each item a reminder of choices made, and paths not taken. The game delves into themes of shame, regret, and the unanswerable question of whether things could have ended differently.

The narrative unfolds in a compact experience, with an average playtime of less than an hour. The End of You is designed for players to immerse themselves fully in Walter’s journey in one sitting, facing the ghosts of the past and embarking on a quest for closure.

Can all the ghosts and the heavy weight of the past fit in a cardboard box? It seems impossible, and yet, you will try anyway,” teases the game’s description. Players will grapple with Walter’s mental health, confront old memories, and strive for a resolution that offers solace.

The End of You

Prepare to embark on a heartfelt exploration of love, loss, and self-discovery when The End of You launches on Steam and on June 20th, promising a poignant narrative experience that resonates long after the journey ends.

Would you be interested in playing The End of You when it launches next month? Let us know in the comments section below.

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