Elite Dangerous Update to Make It More Welcoming to Newcomers

Elite Dangerous Update

Frontier has released the patch notes for the upcoming April update for Elite Dangerous and it seems like the game will make it easier for newcomers to begin their journey. The major focus of the new update is introducing quality of life improvements and improving the welcoming experience for players just starting the huge space sim.

The game will feature a brand new Beginner’s Zone which will be a training area for all pilots who are just starting their journey. This area can only be accessed by those who have yet to earn their first Combat, Trade or Exploration rank. In these areas, authorities will also give these newcomers easier missions and these pilots will also get reduces rebuy across the galaxy.

The newcomer benefits will cease to exist once the pilot has acquired their first Combat, Trade or Exploration rank. Apart from this, two brand new modules are also arriving in the game which will make the gameplay easier. These new modules are Advanced Docking Computer and Supercruise Assist. With these new modules, each small ship will get two size one Optional Internal slots and medium and large ships will get one free slot.

The new update will bring further updates to the cockpit which includes a revamped Navigation Tab. The Navigation Tab will now feature more icons for a more appealing layout and easy viewing of all important information. A new column here will show you additional information including Threat Level and Activities as well.

Players will now have access to their Pilot’s Handbook which will show them a lot of information such as activities and more about your surroundings. This will be linked directly with your cockpit for easier information sourcing. The new update also brings a lot of improvements to the Trading Screen as well.

For complete information on everything coming in the new update, you can check out the official patch notes.

The update will arrive on April 23, 2019, for all Elite Dangerous players.

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