EA Details Basic Combat in Anthem with Javelin Exosuit – Loadouts, Ultra Abilities

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BioWare’s Anthem is the new upcoming co-op shooter that is a sci-fi RPG game that casts players in the world as Freelancers, who are soldiers equipped with a Javelin. This is a high-tech exosuit that allows flying around the environment completing quests and fighting enemies.

Javelin exosuits have everything a skilled pilot needs to survive in the wilds and take down any opposition. They can fly over difficult terrain, swim through underwater tunnels, and employ a full kit of weapons and gear against their enemies.

Each model of Javelin has its own strengths, and it’s up to each pilot to choose which javelin in their arsenal is best for the mission ahead.

More details have been added by EA over at their website that details the combat gameplay with the javelin exosuit that you can expect in the game: Anthem. In the gameplay, your javelin exosuit is the key to combat. Its incredible mobility and firepower allow a pilot to evade enemies, get into a strategic position, and unleash utter destruction.

Source: EA

Expert pilots use every advantage as they take down enemies with ruthless efficiency. Here the Colossus takes out an enemy at range, only to immediately jump up and fly in for an overhead smash attack to finish off the second target.

Since Anthem is based on a large planet that will require you to fly around to places for combat, EA also adds that on long missions, ammo and health pickups are crucial to survival. Ammo and health pick ups can be obtained by killing a few enemies and looting the items that they drop.

You javelin will also come with cyphers that will help you determine the trajectory of your long range shots. Explosive rounds like grenades, mortars will be highlighted to where they will land, this will help you adjust to the target you want to hit.

Source: EA

Anthem is a co-op game that will require the assistance of your team mates around you to take down enemies. Teamwork is a vital part of javelin combat, and the best way to maximize your damage as a team is to set up your teammates for massive combos. For example, you can use Storm javelin for a electricity attack that can be allowed to deal area damage, and finishing up with a blast from the Colossus.

Source: EA

Defeating an enemy is Anthem can be done in an effective way by identifying weak points on the enemy to attack and to deal big damage unto them.

You can also choose specific loadouts and gear choices that can totally reshape how you fight o your missions, which makes it a good idea in mixing up your loadouts and finding a playstyle that suits you the most.

Lastly, you also have the option of using your Ultra Abilities that are special attacks that deal a lot of damage. In the video below, you can see Colossus using the Siege Cannon to blast the broadside of Swarm Tyrant.

Source: EA

Anthem is set to be released February 22, 2019 for Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC. Electronic Arts has announced a VIP demo for Bioware’s Anthem to be released on February 1, 2019. This demo will be available to EA/Origin Access subscribers on PC and Xbox One. The demo will also be available for pre order customers which will include the PS4 console users as well.

What do you think of the details of the combat with javelins? Let us know in the comments below.

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