EA Delays Battlefield 5 by a Month, Now Launching in November 2018

Battlefield V Beta

Battlefield 5 has been delayed by a month as announced by Electronic Arts and DICE in a recent post. The game was stated for release on October 19th but due to some technical issues, the developers have now pushed the game to November 20th.

This is not the first time that a major game has been pushed later so that the developers can work on it to iron out some bugs. EA stats that the main reason behind this delay is to have some more time so that they can make some final adjustments to the core gameplay and to make sure that the Tides of War is fully functional on release.

Tides of War is EA’s new β€˜games as a service’ plan which he wants to implement in Battlefield 5 and it will replace the premium pass which has been plaguing Battlefield franchise for a long time.

Although EA claims this as the main reason behind the delay but we can say that the main reason behind its delay is the launch of Black Ops 4 and Read Dead Redemption 2 during the same time. Battlefield V was launching between both these titles as Black Ops 4 has a release date of October 12th while Red Dead Redemption is coming out on October 26th.

It was recently reported that Battlefield 5 failed to secure expected pre-orders and they were much low as compared to Black Ops 4. We can safely assume that Battlefield 5 has been delayed so that it gets a window from both these titles, as most of the players will be opting for them right at launch.

However, this delay does not affect the Battlefield 5 Public Beta and it will come on time, which is September 6th. EA still has to give word on whether the Battle Royale mode will come with the complete game or will it launched at a later time when the base game has been launched properly.

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