Dynasty Warriors 9 October Update Brings Online and Split-Screen

Dynasty Warriors 9 release earlier this year on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows PC. The game falls under hack and slash category. The gameplay so far has been a single player style but the upcoming update will bring online and split-screen features to the game.

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Dynasty Warriors 9 October update will bring the online feature to the game. Also, the game will also add local split-screen feature. Those of you who wanted to have a couch co-op in Dynasty Warriors 9, now you will get it for free in the next update.

The news was confirmed by Koei Tecmo. The news was announced in a Koei Tecmo Tweet. The tweet is in Japanese, so you will need to translate it first and read later.

As a part of free contents, Koei Tecmo also said that they are planning to bring few more extras to the game, probably in the form of a free update. More weapons, costumes and scenarios may come to Dynasty Warriors 9 in future in the form of downloadable content.

Dynasty Warriors 9 adopts hack and slash genre. The game has third person perspective camera angle with stealth elements. The game brings open world for the first time to the series.

In addition to that, the game also features day and night cycle. The in-game weather and time changes based on real time. The stealth strategy becomes more efficient in night time as enemy vision becomes limited.

Dynasty Warriors 9 features a ‘Free Mode’. The feature is unlocked upon completion of story of any character. The features allows to replay any chapter with other characters.

The original Dynasty Warriors released back in December 16, 2004 on PlayStation Portable (PSP).

Have you played Dynasty Warrior 9? Were you looking forward for a couch co-op feature? Let us know more your thoughts in comments section below.

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