Tense Action-Strategy Hacking Simulator DROP Release Date Announced


Publisher MicroProse has announced the release date of its upcoming tense action-strategy hacking simulator DROP. DROP will release on March 28, 2023, on PC via Steam and will offer players simplistic controls for a false sense of ease before pulling them into a deceptively elaborate, complex, and fast-paced simulator. The game also features an evocative electronic soundtrack that you will be listening to while hacking in different scenarios.

You can check out the latest trailer of DROP showcasing in-game mechanics and the soundtrack in action:

In DROP, players will require speed, cunning, and wits as they solve a myriad of complex puzzles. You will hack into networks, analyze the objectives, come up with a plan, and focus on executing it swiftly. While at it, you will work against time, firewalls, and other nerve-racking hazards. After completing your task, you will need to leave before the alarms set off and leave no trace behind. As a promising hacker with huge ambitions, no money in the account, and the desire to prove yourself, you will go to any lengths without thinking of the consequences.

You start small however your actions quickly attract the attention of a notorious hacker group called The Swarm and from there, your life gets complicated quickly. Your world is turned upside down as you are hurled into a power struggle between The Swarm, different smaller factions, and mega corporations that could decide the fate of the world’s fragmented networks. Apart from your main quest, you will also complete different side quests in DROP which will let you earn respect, notoriety, and cash to improve your gear and become better at your job. The higher the risk in the game, the higher the payout at the end of the day.


Key features of DROP include:

  • Addictive, nerve-racking gameplay that will push your wits and speed to the limit
  • Unfolding main story in a cutthroat cyberpunk world
  • Procedurally-generate side quests
  • Simple and second-nature commands both for keyboard and gamepad
  • Unique visual and audio style

A Steam page of DROP is live where a free demo of the game is also live and you can try it out before the game arrives later on March 28, 2023. At this point, MicroProse is only releasing a PC version of the game and there is no word of a console release.

Are you looking forward to playing DROP and is it something that might interest you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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