Drone Swarm is a New RTS Space Game Announced for PC

Astragon PAX East

Still Alive Studios and Astragon entertainment have paired together in developing a new real-time strategy game called Drone Swarm. The adventure of the game is set in the unknown regions of the galaxy, where you are responsible for the survival of humans aboard your ship. Both the developing studios have been known for their long-standing successful collaboration on the popular Bus Simulator series.

You take the role of the hero Captain Carter, who sets out in search of new earth as the last hope for humanity to survive. The Earth, which was attacked and destroyed by a swarm of drones, resulted in the complete destruction of Earth at the cost of defeating them. Captain Carter has been tasked to get on board his spaceship called Argo and look for a new home. Interestingly, Argo, the spaceship is made up of a swarm of 32,000 drones.

Drone Swarm

The gameplay puts you in control of Argo’s 32,000 drones which you use to attack enemy spaceships and also protect the mothership. You need to have the right tactics in asserting your dominance over the various enemies that you will face. The swarm of drones you have in control are versatile and offer more than just being a weapon. Besides fighting enemies, you have to gather resources and learn new skills to upgrade your space ship and the drones.

Drone Swarm will be releasing sometime later this year and will be available for players on PC. If you want to get your hands on and try it, t will be featured at PAX East in Boston where you will be able to experience and immerse in this science-fiction scenario. Visitors of PAX east can play the game between February 27 and March 1, 2020.

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