Draugen First Trailer Announced – Coming Out in 2019 on PC Steam, PS4, Xbox One


The first person mystery game which was announced initially in 2013 is finally near to its release date for the year 2019. Draugen game from Dreamfall Chapters developer Red Thread Games is set for release first on PC Steam and later on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The release year and platform is announced officially by the studio. Moreover, a first look at the first-person psychological mystery game Draugen was also released. Just in case you missed it, watch it here.

Draugen game is works of studio behind ‘The Longest Journey’ and ‘The Secret World’. The game is set in 1920s Norway environment.

The year is 1923 and you get to play with Edward Charles Harden as the main player of the game. Edward Charles is an American traveler, who has come to Norway to find his sister.

The game is written by Ragnar Tørnquist, who has also written ‘The Longest Journey, Dreamfall, The Secret World, Dreamfall Chapters’.

The game is designed and fully developed by Dreamfall Chapters. The game is voiced in English, with motion captured characters.

Here are some key features of Draugen:


  • I am not alone”: explore 1920s coastal Norway accompanied by a living, breathing, independent companion.
  • Interact with your companion, Lissie, through a realistic and dynamic dialogue system.
  • Experience a thrilling tale through the eyes of an increasingly unreliable narrator.
  • Find your own path through a scenic setting that changes with the weather and Edward’s mental state.
  • “A story about what lies beneath”: piece together a gripping narrative with unexpected twists and turns.

A teaser trailer was also released four years ago. Did you watch it? The game has taken a long time in development and we hope it gives the output that is much expected from it since long. Watch here the teaser trailer that released four years ago.

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