Dragon Nest 2: Evolution Launches on Mobile After 5 Million Pre-Registrations

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution

Developer and publisher Level Infinite has announced that its latest MMORPG Dragon Nest 2: Evolution has arrived on mobile devices after 5 million pre-registrations. Dragon Nest 2: Evolution is now available on Android and iOS devices across all regions and brings a refreshing MMORPG experience to all players. To celebrate the launch of the game, the Japanese musical group Tsukuyomi has released the Dragon Nest 2: Evolution theme song, If I Knew It Was A Dream that blends both English and Japanese languages together and you can listen to it yourself as well:

Dragon Nest 2:: Evolution is a brand-new title in Level Infinite’s premium IP and it has been developed from the ground up to cater to mobile devices and facilitate players in every way to make the gameplay experience as seamless as possible. This is one of the most accessible mobile games released by Level Infinite so far which will cater to both casual players and veteran fans of the franchise. Key features of the game include:

  • Pick from four unique classes and team up against powerful bosses, utilizing interesting skills for synergistic action!
  • The lovely world of Altea is once again under threat, as Serpentra the Sea Dragon rises from the past to kick off The Grand Dragon Hunt!
  • No fear of being left behind, with a player-driven economy allowing all to play how you want, when you want.
  • An expansive world full of adventure and lovable companions, take some time off and enjoy what Altea has to offer!

The full release of the game also means the beginning of The Grand Dragon Hunt and it is starting with the villainous Sea Dragon, Serpentra. During the lead-up to its launch, the developer teased to players how the mode functioned however the full-release version of the mode is on a much larger scale and players can undertake daily quests and achievement hunts to prepare themselves as they team up with like-minded allies.

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution

Players can compete against other players in a full server competition to earn glorious rewards and incentives for their account if they win. The launch incentives in the game are:

  • Login and daily sign-in rewards (up to eight days)
  • Level-specific gift packages to reward character progression
  • Valuable resources and treasure chest rewards for completing specific stages

If you are interested in playing Dragon Nest 2: Evolution, you can download and play it on your favorite platform Android or iOS. The launch bonus is available to all new players who sign in and start playing the game.

What are your thoughts on the launch of Dragon Nest 2: Evolution? Will you be playing the game on your mobile device? Let us know in the comments section below.

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