Dr. Mario World Now Available on iOS Mobile Devices

Dr Mario World

Nintendo has released Dr. Mario World for iOS mobile devices a day earlier than its scheduled released date set for tomorrow on July 10. Players can now get the game on their iPhone and iPad devices from the Apple Store.

The game is also going to be coming for the Android devices tomorrow, so it is not much of a wait for android mobile users. Nintendo has yet again followed the trend for its mobile games to be freely available to everyone on their devices, however, it does contain many microtransaction options for more content and items.

The same can be said for Dr. Mario World, which includes in-app purchases of Diamonds that range from $2 to $70. Diamonds in the game are used replenish your energy meter or can be used to purchase items like extra capsules. The game also comes with its in-game currency called Coins. These are earned through the progression of the game and can be used to unlock additional doctors.

Dr. Mario World is the newer version of the classic Nintendo game that saw Dr. Mario solving Tetris-styled puzzles to fight viruses and diseases alike. The gameplay is similar to how Candy Crush works, by matching and lining the color of the viruses with the capsules.

Gameplay involves you to drag capsules in the stage, to match red viruses with the red capsule. Match three of the same color to eliminate viruses. Different Stages offer you a different number of capsules. This also makes the game interesting, as viruses can be seen hiding behind obstacles, and might require more than one capsule to do the job. Running out of capsules before eliminating all of the viruses is game over.

Are you a fan of Dr. Mario? Are you going to play it on your mobile devices? Post your comments below and let us know what you think.

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