Double Kick Heroes Getting a Limited-Edition Physical Release on Nintendo Switch

Double Kick Heroes Physical

Headbang Club and Hound Picked Games have announced that Double Kick Heroes is getting a limited-edition physical release for the Nintendo Switch. It will be limited to just 900 copies for the standard edition and 1900 copies of the special Steelbook edition by RedArt Games. To celebrate the physical release, the developers are also releasing the game’s OST featuring all of the in-game tracks on a triple vinyl set through G4F-Records.

Double Kick Heroes Physical

Since Double Kick Heroes features a lengthy tracklist, the triple vinyl set will be an amazing purchase for collectors and vinyl buyers alike. The complete tracklisting has also been released which will include the following tracks:

Vinyl Full Tracklisting:

  • Ultra Vomit – Kammthaar
  • Fundamental Wisdom of Chaos – The Scarecrow Paradox
  • Hell in Town – Cold
  • Anetheus – The End of the Day
  • Temnein – Against the Wave
  • Volkorx – This Fucking Means War
  • Zander Noriega – Enjoy the Silence
  • Louis Godart – Point of Entry
  • Kuabee – To the Sky
  • The Great Old Ones – When the Stars Align
  • Plug-In – Earthquake
  • Gorod – Tribute of Blood
  • Sildilarsen – On Va Tous Crever
  • Jinjer – Sit Stay Roll Over
  • Gojira – Remembrance
  • Carpenter Brut – Turbo Killer
  • Dan Terminus – Restless Destroyer
  • The Algorithm – Brute Force
  • Psykup – L’Autruche

Double Kick Heroes Physical

  • Elmobo – Run For Your Lives
  • Elmobo – Double Kick Heroes
  • Elmobo – The Running Dead
  • Elmobo – The Road To Hell
  • Elmobo – Planet Error
  • Elmobo – Road Freak
  • Elmobo – Crush (feat. Jay Kloeckner)
  • Elmobo – Sawing Your Head Off (feat. PJ666)
  • Elmobo – We’re Gonna Rock Your Socks Off
  • Elmobo – Destroy And Race And Groove
  • Elmobo – Rust In The Wind (feat. Matt Dumas)
  • Elmobo – Die Untoten (feat. Olli Samsara)
  • Elmobo – Condemned To Slaughter (feat. Arno Strobl)
  • Elmobo – I’m Marching Now (feat. Matt Dumas)
  • Elmobo – Warriors Of The Badlands (feat. Ludo Faraill)
  • Elmobo – Surprise You’re Undead (feat. Julien Cassarino)
  • Elmobo – Thrasher’s Delight
  • Elmobo – Harmonic Mayhem
  • Elmobo – Undead And Kicking
  • Elmobo – The Evil Zombies Do (feat. Franck Larigaudie, Fanalo and Mathieu Pascal)
  • Elmobo – Don’t Bite My Butt! (feat. Sab Elvenia)
  • Elmobo – Bloody Asphalt (feat. Yann Ligner and Bumblefoot)
  • Elmobo – Prepare To Meet Thy Doom
  • Elmobo – Demon Demon (feat. Sab Elvenia)
  • Elmobo – Flesh And Bones (feat. Benjamin Guerry)
  • Elmobo – Dawn Of The New Gods (feat. Vidda)
  • Elmobo – We Are the Devs
  • Elmobo – Personal Hell (feat. Sab Elvenia)
  • Elmobo – One of Us
  • Elmobo – Accuser
  • Elmobo – Mobula (feat. Volkor X and Patrick Rondat)
  • Elmobo – Pack Of Wolves (feat. Greg Bernadet)
  • Elmobo – Best Boss Battle Music Ever
  • Elmobo – Nothing But Dust (feat. H.RaM and Romeo Knight)
  • Elmobo – Lord Of Coucy (feat. Julien Nutz Deyres and Tobi Morelli)
  • Elmobo – Satan (feat. Thomas Menudier and Chee Salis)
  • Elmobo – Run for your souls
  • Elmobo – The End of the Road (feat. Jean Fontanille)
  • Elmobo – Genital Absolution (Live ’97)

The standard edition will set you back 34.99€ while the steelbook edition will cost 44.99€. The triple vinyl set is worth 55€. Preorders are live for the standard edition and steelbook edition as well as the triple vinyl pack so if you are planning to buy it, pre-order right now to secure your copy. Double Kick Heroes is set in a post-apocalyptic world where you take control of a group of metalheads and rock to the sickest metal soundtrack ever featured in a video game. Key features of the game include:

  • More than 150,000 players across all versions
  • Double Kick Heroes was just nominated in the Best Audio category at the Pegases Awards.
  • Double Kick Heroes won “Best Indie” Gamescom 2017 and tons of other awards for gameplay and soundtrack.
  • 50 tracks with international bands like Gojira, Ultra Vomit, Jinjer, Carpenter Brut, Psykup, Sidilarsen and featuring artists like Patrick Rondat, Bumblefoot, Volkor X, orchestrated by el famoso Elmobo.

Make sure that you check out our review of Double Kick Heroes as well for more details. Are you looking forward to getting your hands on the physical release of Double Kick Heroes? Let us know in the comments section below.

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