Discover the Haunting World of Among Ashes: PC Demo Now Live on Steam

Among Ashes Demo

Rat Cliff Games, the creative minds behind the first-person survival horror game Among Ashes, have unveiled an immersive demo for PC gamers, available for download exclusively on Steam as part of the ongoing Steam FPS Fest.

Among Ashes takes players on a spine-chilling journey into the realms of metafictional horror, delving into the eerie narrative of a haunted video game and the unsettling story behind its creation. Set against the backdrop of a stormy night in the early 2000s, players assume the role of a protagonist who delves into the mysterious Night Call, an online horror game shared by a friend. However, as the gameplay unfolds, strange occurrences begin plaguing the player’s real-life surroundings, blurring the lines between the virtual and the tangible.

Check out the latest trailer of the game below:

The game introduces an innovative meta-framing device, immersing players in a retro-inspired first-person survival horror experience nested within another layer of horror, complete with unique presentation elements, mechanics, and mind-bending puzzles that evoke nostalgia for the millennium era.

The demo provides an intense 30-minute preview of Among Ashes’ opening sequence, inviting players to download the enigmatic Night Call from a foreboding message board post. They will navigate the atmospheric and labyrinthine corridors of Stoker Manor, unraveling the mysteries hidden within its haunted walls and confronting the nightmarish entities lurking in the shadows.

Among Ashes Demo

Among Ashes is currently in active development for PC platforms and is slated for release later this year. The availability of the demo on Steam offers players a firsthand glimpse into the game’s chilling narrative and gameplay mechanics. Interested gamers can download the demo on Steam and add the game to their wishlist to stay updated on its progress and official launch.

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