DICE Delays Battlefield V Chapter 1: Overture DLC Due to a Bug

Battlefield V

Just before hours of releasing, the first major DLC for Battlefield V, Chapter 1: Overture has been delayed for an indefinite time. Currently the release time is not known however, DICE says that the delay will not be a long one. The statement was released by them on their official Twitter account.

Check out the official tweet below.

The main reason of this delay was to make sure that the game is not affected in any way and a proper DLC is released for the players without any glitches or bugs. The developers of the DLC discovered the major at the last time and thus the decision was made to delay the DLC instead of it causing problems in the game.

I will say that this was a good decision because instead of churning out half-baked content, it is always good to release content in its perfect shape even if it means delaying it a bit. The upcoming DLC chapter is supposed to include a major amount of game content and for such a big content update, it is quite normal to get a few launch bugs or glitches.

Chapter 1: Overture is going to bring the War Story ‘The Last Tiger’ to the game in which players will take control of the German Tiger Tank and play the story from a German perspective. Along with the new War Story, new features such as a new online map Panzerstorm will also be included.

Further additions with this DLC are expected to be Practice Range, new chapter progression rewards and vehicle customization options. That makes this update quite big and important as well because it will also prepare the game for the upcoming Tides of War which starts on December 6 but it seems like it will also be delayed a little.

Currently the new release date is not known for Battlefield V Chapter 1: Overture but according to DICE, it will not take long for them to remove all bugs and glitches and release the update for players. We will update the story once we get a release date.

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