Detroit: Become Human Reaches 8 Million Units Sold Worldwide

Detroit: Become Human 8 Million

Quantic Dream has announced that Detroit: Become Human has managed to sell over 8 million units worldwide. The announcement comes at a time when Detroit: Become Human managed to sell over 2.5 million units on PC making the overall number of units sold over 8 million. Quantic Dream is really excited about the still-growing sales of interactive storytelling video games. This does not include the copies obtained with subscription services.

The new milestone comes after Quantic Dream released three of their titles Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human on PC back in 2019. It appears like Quantic Dream has achieved great success after the PC debut of its titles as the latest sales figures of Detroit: Become Human proves it. Guillaume de Fondaumière, Co-CEO of Quantic Dream commented:

2022 was remarkable for QUANTIC DREAM. We achieved a significant increase in sales of our three historical PC games compared to 2021, an unusual phenomenon that builds on the already excellent sales results recorded in the previous three years. The continued success of Detroit: Become Human, but also of Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, is due to the quality of these titles, their enduring appeal to PC gamers, as well as the thorough and long-term work of our Publishing team. We are delighted to introduce our works to an ever wider and younger audience, and on all continents. At the end of 2022, we also saw a record level of ’ wishlist’ on these three titles, which gives us hope for an equally exceptional 2023.

Similar to most titles by Quantic Dream, Detroit: Become Human is a game that progresses based on the choices you make. In this unique game, the destiny of both mankind and androids is in your hands. During these times, machines and AI have become more intelligent than human beings. Every choice you make in the game affects the outcome of the game and you will have to live with the choices you make until the very end of the game. Based on your choices, the story will brand out and eventually reach one of the endings suitable for your choices.

Detroit: Become Humans features androids that look like humans as they speak, move, and behave like human beings however they are only machines that are built to serve human beings. You play as three different androids in the game and witness the world through their eyes. Moral dilemmas are found at every turn, and you have to make a decision in order to move forward in the game. Detroit: Become Human is currently available on PS4 and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. Back in 2018, Detroit: Become Human crossed the 2 million units sold mark.

Have you played Detroit: Become Human and what are your thoughts on the game surpassing 8 million global units sold? Let us know in the comments section below.

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