Destiny 2: Black Armory – Mysterious Box Exotic Quest Item, How to Get

Destiny 2: Black Armory

Players who own the Destiny 2 Annual Pass can now get  their hands on Black Armory, that gives out a lot of new activities that you can get busy in. Destiny 2: Black Armory has a Mysterious Box that we have located for you.

Out of the many activities, once specific activity involves you to search the Mysterious Box.  Black Armory will slowly bring in items and quests, so we are not sure what the Mysterious Box is linked to. Whether it linked is a quest or not is still to be found out.

Nonetheless, lets take a look at where you locate the Mysterious Box. To get this mission, you first have to play a few initial Black Armory Quests. Play the quests until you have access to the Forge at Smidur’s Cavern. The power recommendation for this Black Armory mission requires 600 Power, so if you are short on some, we recommend you team up to progress through the story.

When you are ready to go, you need to go to Sunken Isles in the EDZ, where you will spot an activity. This activity will ne named “Black Armory Machine Gun Frame”, which is trackable.

Next you have to head left from the drop zone, and through the tunnel that leads to Smidur’s Cavern, and with the Forge on your right.

You will see a platform that you have to jump down below. On the other side will be a cave, where at the back of the cave will be a cache containing the Mysterious Box quest step.

The box will b e locked with four locks, each with a special symbol. The symbols are:

  • Butterfly
  • Fishhook
  • Black Armory insignia
  • A Hand

Since there are four lock, it seems that they most probably are tied to four different quests or items. Presumably, players will need to do something in each forge to open a specific lock. Unfortunately, even if one of the lock is opened, it will be quite a while until the Mysterious Box completely opens, as the final Black Armory Forge doesn’t release until 5 January, 2019.

That is all there is about the Mysterious Box, but it’s a good idea to acquire it this early in the game, as it might get difficult to track and obtain later on as Black Armory Progresses.

What do you think is in the Mysterious Box? Have you collected it yet? Let us know in the comments below.

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