PS5 Console Exclusive Deathloop Will Have You Stuck in an Endless Timeloop

Deathloop Delayed

Deathloop was one of the titles revealed at Sony’s PlayStation 5 console event. The game will have you stuck on an island with an endless time loop, looking to eliminate eight targets to escape. The game is a PS5 exclusive for consoles, but will also be released for PC players.

Deathloop comes from the developers over at Arkane Lyon. The immersive first-person shooter is set to launch this holiday season on the PS5 and PC at the same time.

Check out the trailer below:

Deathloop puts you in the shoes of Colt, a man with a unique problem. You wake up every morning on the same beach, on the same island, looking for certain targets. Stuck in a time loop, you can only escape the island when you eliminate eight of the people that are maintaining this vicious loop. All of this needs to be done before the clock strikes midnight.

The developers have detailed most of the gameplay information in a blog post.

Each repeated day is an opportunity to learn, adapt, and solve the puzzle of Deathloop. It’s up to you how you go about this. You can tackle each loop at your own pace, and in any order you choose – selecting your missions, targets and explorations as you see fit. Arm yourself with a variety of devastating weapons and supernatural abilities to survive the AEON Program and break the loop. Take the knowledge you gain from each day to try different paths and playstyles as you navigate the treacherous backstreets and hidden lairs of Blackreef. Stay on your toes, rework your strategies and push forward, all the while compiling clues as to the inner workings of the island. And remember: If at first you don’t succeed… die, die again.

Arkane Lyon also has a pretty innovative take on this multiplayer experience as a story drive game, as your main antagonist might be another player. While you play as Colt, hunting targets to break the loop, another player can take the role of Julianna, a rival assassin with her own goal of protecting the loop. The game will allow you to either be Colt the hero or take the role of Julianna, the villain.

Game director, Dinga Bakaba, had this to say about Deathloop,

The focus is on the campaign and the story. And that campaign can be played with Julianna controlled only by the AI, or – and this is our recommendation – by a mix of A.I. and random players to experience the range of unpredictability and chaos that Julianna is capable of.

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