Death Stranding Now Has a Photo Mode After Latest Update

Death Stranding Photo Mode

Death Stranding is one of the most unique video games we have ever played and also the first release by Hideo Kojima and his very own studio Kojima Productions. It features a world we’ve never seen before and comes with an excellent soundtrack, gameplay mechanics as well as a star-studded cast. Ever since its release, Kojima Productions has been releasing updates for the game with the latest one adds a much-awaited feature, Photo mode to Death Stranding.

Like I mentioned earlier, the world of Death Stranding is one of the most unique worlds we have ever seen in any video game so it would make perfect sense for it to have its own Photo Mode where players can snap their favorite moments and save them for viewing later or sharing with the world around them. The latest update dubbed v.1.12 adds the much-awaited Photo Mode to Death Stranding and the update is now live on PS4.

The photo mode brings with it different filters to play around with along with different expressions, angles, frames, colors and tools to make the perfect photos. Different areas in Death Stranding offer some great sights and it will be pretty exciting to see what players do in the future with the new Photo Mode. We can expect some really cool pictures from the world of Death Stranding now.

Death Stranding is currently only available on PS4 however a PC version of the game is arriving on June 2, 2020, and it will bring many additional features with it as well. For starters, it will come with all post-release updates released for the PS4 version. This includes the Photo mode. Apart from this, the PC version of the game will come with an Ultrawide monitor mode which will allow players to experience the game on more than 1 monitor.

It will also have Half-Life themed items included in the game. Valve recently released Half-Life: Alyx and Death Stranding will have special collaboration content as well. These include the Headcrab hat and Gravity Gloves in Death Stranding as wearable items for Sam. Each of these items also come with special features as well. We will get to see additional details on them in the future.

Are you looking forward to using the Photo Mode in Death Stranding? Let us know in the comments section below.

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