Death Stranding May Come Later This Year – Release Date Leaked

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Death Stranding is a PlayStation 4 exclusive which is under the development of Kojima Prodcutions. The game is the first game created by Hideo Kojima after he left the Metal Gear Sold V The Phantom Pain.

The recent events suggest that Death Stranding may release later this year. The sources come from Amazon and Walmart, both of them have previously mistakenly leaked the release dates of other games in the past.

Red Dead Redemption PlayStation 4 Pro Bundle Announced slates Death Stranding for December 31, 2018. The game is available for pre-order at amazon for $59.99.

Walmart lists the game release date for January 3, 2019. The pre-order price is also same there. Since we know the game will be a AAA title, so $59.99 USD price tag comes as standard.

We recently got a glimpse of another trailer here at Tokyo Games Show. The trailer confirms that Troy Baker is working in Death Stranding as a voice actor. The trailer was pretty intense and once again it left us puzzled as what exactly is the theme or plot of Death Stranding game.

In the trailer he is shown to be wearing mask and having the power to rise up big and menacing monsters to attack you. The trailer was called “The Man in the Golden Mask”. Watch the compete trailer below.

The trailer absolutely gives nothing away in terms of the story plot of the game, however Norman Reedus can be seen walking while carrying a woman behind on his back. This is where Troy Baker’s character comes in wearing a mask and then creating a monster mid-air which lets out a roar followed by the end of the trailer cutting to black.

We know Hideo Kojima is creating the story so fans of his work are in for a treat. Hideo Kojima is well known for his works in Metal Gear Solid series. His latest work was Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain.

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