Dead Cells Slated for an iOS Release, Android May Follow

Dead Cells iOS

Motion Twin is partnering up with Playdigious to bring its critically-acclaimed roguelike title Dead Cells to iOS. An Android version might follow suit later. The game will be released on iOS devices this summer while there is no confirmed release date for Android devices. A confirmed release date is not known for the iOS version as well however the release window points to a summer 2019 release.

Dead Cells was released last year on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch and it was an instant hit. Developer Motion Twin did a spectacular job on the title and it was a solid roguelike title. It started its life as an Early Access title back in 2017 and now in 2019 Motion Twin is planning for an iOS release.

The iOS version will bring the complete Dead Cells experience to the mobile platform however we are not sure how much accurate the controls will be on the touch screen. The trailer gives us a little glimpse of the gameplay on the touch screen and it shows a virtual joystick on the left and ability and equipment buttons on the right side.

This will make the game even more difficult considering the fact that the game is not easy with a controller as well because you need to be extremely precise with the controls by remaining aware of your surroundings in the game. The best experience might be with a small controller hooked up with your iPhone or iPad but since the developers are aware of the situation, they might tone down the difficulty a little bit for the mobile devices.

Visually the trailer shows the game to be exactly the same as the full console and PC release. It looks like players will be able to play the game and die on the go when the title releases this summer on iOS. The game will cost $9.99 and it will give complete access to the players. The game will not have any sort of microtransactions in it.

Motion Twin is currently busy with the development of Dead Cells expansion called Rise of the Giant and it is coming soon as well for the consoles.

Dead Cells is slated for a summer 2019 release on iOS. It is now out on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

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