Days Gone TV Spot Released Ahead of Launch

Days Gone TV Spot

Days Gone gets a brand new TV spot before it is released later this month and it is full of enemies that will be featured in the game. Earlier we got to see detailed reveals of enemies that will be featured in Days Gone however the new TV spot shows how situations will change for Deacon in an instant and how difficult it is to survive in the world of Days Gone.

The TV spot shows Deacon St. John sitting near some dead bodies while he gets some flashbacks of the recent events. The flashbacks show his escaping from a vicious zombie dog but it still manages to slam into Deacon making him fall to the ground and then Deacon has to deal with some human enemies at the same time.

Once they are dead, Deacon has only one bullet left and then when he thought there was only one Freaker left to deal it, it turns out to be s Screamer which calls in a full horde of Freakers and Deacon is left to deal with the situation. The TV spot shows just how deadly the world of Days Gone can become dangerous quickly and the one bullet scenario shows that survival is going to be brutal in the game as well.

You can check out the new TV spot below.

Days Gone will feature a different number of enemies and players will be required to handle each one of them in unique and different ways. Both the living and the undead enemies pose an equal threat in the game and Deacon will need to figure out how to survive the world with limited resources.

Earlier, Bend Studio went in detail about the game’s detailed Photo Mode. Days Gone will ship with the mode day one so players will be able to save key points of their journey with the detailed photo mode. Bend Studio announced in March that Days Gone has gone Gold as well which is a big achievement for the studio. Also, Days Gone is going to be 30 hours long which includes cutscenes.

Days Gone is releasing on April 26, 2019, exclusively on PS4.

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