Everything Announced at Day of the Devs 2023 – Summer Game Fest Edition

Day of the Devs 2023

Following the Summer Game Fest 2023 showcase, we got to see even more cool games during the Day of the Devs – Summer Game Fest Edition. During the entire showcase, we got deep dives into nearly all of the games whether they were newly announced or previously announced. The developers of each of these new titles detailed each of the titles with detailed gameplay trailers and overviews. Let’s check them out.


In BeastieBall, you will coach a sports team of Beasties in a turn-based volleyball RPG and build relationships that will power up your Beasties. Check out the deep dive trailer:

Hyperlight Breaker

In Hyper Light Breaker, you will enter the Overgrowth, a forgotten land in the world of Hyper Light. The game offers solo and co-op gameplay as you will explore open worlds, fight brutal monsters, unlock new gear, and create new builds to take on the mysterious Crowns. Check out the trailer below:

Simpler Times

Simpler Times is a game that sheds light on to the beauty of the ordinary. This unique game is an experiential, interactive medication that rewards patience and attention with poignant moments that can be replayed like a favorite song. Check out the deep dive video:


In Viewfinder, you will challenge perception, redefine reality and reshape the world around you with an instant camera. It features unique puzzle-solving mechanics and a world that can be changed with a simple picture. Check it out in the trailer below:


In Hauntii, you will uncover the secrets of an expansive and mysterious world that is hainting the environment and everyone living there. You will need to figure out solutions to many challenges that the game will throw at you. Check out the developer overview trailer below:

Cart Life

Cart Life will allow you to live the life of three street vendors in a small city in the western United States. You will guide their new ventures as they sell newspapers, coffee, and bagels. Check out this beautiful game in the trailer below:


Hellskate is a unique mashup of skateboarding action roguelite in which you will grind, perform tricks, and chain together combos to power up your attacks to slay monsters of Vertheim. Check out the developer deep dive below:

Henry Halfhead

We got another look at the cool and quirky title Henry Halfhead in which you play as Henry who is a halfhead and has to perform all tasks of a normal human being such as making up the bed in the morning, cooking breakfast, taking a shower, and then packing lunch for the office. Check out the detailed gameplay trailer below to see how it all works out for Henry Halfhead:


One of our most-anticipated titles from the show, we got to see another look at Cocoon today including a cool boss fight and in-game mechanics on how you can switch worlds to progress in the game. Check it out below:


If you love painting and arts then you are going to love Ete. Ete is a cozy and relaxing painting game that mixes exploration, creativity, and story elements. As a budding painter, you are traveling abroad to Montreal for summer and there, he unleashes color with his paintbrush while exploring the city and capturing its everyday wonders on canvas. Check out the trailer below:


Summerhill is a story-driven puzzle game in which you play as a young shepherd and their dog and you journey across an ancient, pastoral landscape to reunite your scattered flock while unearthing the mysteries of the world. Check it out below:


Eternights is a unique mix of action RPG, dating sim, and dungeon crawler. In it, you will try your best to make the most of your life while trying to survive during the apocalypse. You will go on a date one day and clear a dungeon the next day and keep the cycle going. Time is short but not short enough for you to check out the cool trailer below:

Retro Gadgets

Retro Gadgets is a game that you do not see every day. In this unique game, you will create your very own cool and quirky retro gadgets by combining different electrical components. You will invent, build, solder, code and customize your very own electrifying gadgets and can also share them with the world. Check out the trailer for the game below:

Mars First Logistics

In Mars First Logistics, you will build physically simulated rovers and transport awkwardly shaped cargo across the surface of Mars. Check out this unique game in action below:

Saltsea Chronicles

Saltsea Chronicles is a story-driven adventure game where you will explore strange and wonderful communities, uncover a deep conspiracy, and chart a journey through twists and turns. Check it out in the trailer below:

TCHIA Musical Performance

At the end of the showcase, we got to see a fantastic performance during which the artists performed a musical score from the recently released indie title TCHIA. Check it out below:

Complete Showcase

If you want to see the entire Day of the Devs – Summer Game Fest Edition showcase, we have it linked below for you:

Which game announcement, feature, or trailer was your favorite from today’s Days of the Devs – Summer Game Fest Edition? Let us know in the comments section below.

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