Darksiders III Humans Location Guide – Where to Find, Humanitarian Trophy

Darksiders III Humans Location Guide

In this Darksiders III Humans Location Guide, we will guide you on where you can find and rescue the humans in Darksiders III. Humans are on the brink of extinction and it only makes sense that Fury finds and rescues every human that she can find in the game. Rescuing these humans are not just extra burden, you will be rewarded with achievements and upgrades for doing so which makes freeing them worthwhile the extra effort.

We have curated this Darksiders III Humans Location Guide in which we have listed the location of all humans that are present in Darksiders III and how can you can find them and save them. There are 20 humans in Darksiders III and each of them will help you get some very good upgrades in the game so make sure that find all of them and rescue them.

Where to Find Humans – Darksiders III

Our Darksiders III Humans Location Guide details the locations of all the humans found in Darksiders III so you can find and rescue them easily.

Rescuing Humans

Fury will come across 20 humans as she travels to find and eliminate the seven sins. As the number of rescued humans increase, Fury will be given many important upgrades by Ulthane. Rescue a certain number of humans and then return to Ulthane to get the following upgrades for you Rider’s Mercy.

Rewards for Rescuing Humans

Following rewards are unlocked for you as you rescue humans.

  • 1 Human – Helping Hand Achievement/Trophy
  • 5 Humans – 10% extra Souls dropped from killed enemies and Five’s a Crowd Achievement/Trophy
  • 10 Humans – 20% bonus wrath earned from wrath lurchers and Crowd Source Achievement/Trophy
  • 15 Humans – 30% bonus health and Community Outreach Achievement/Trophy
  • 20 Humans – 10% bonus Physical and Arcane damage and Humanitarian Achievement/Trophy

Keep in mind that you must return to Ulthane so that he can upgrade your relic so that you start receiving these bonuses. If you do not return to him, you will only earn the achievements/trophies and will not get the upgrades and bonuses.

Where to Find Humans

We have detailed the location of all 20 humans found in Darksiders III below.


There are six humans in Haven for you to find and rescue.

Human #1

Located on the path heading to Nether from Crossroads in Haven. You will see him while advancing the story so you cannot miss him.

Human #2

After obtaining the Fire Hollow, make your way to the building above Maker’s Forge and find the human at the top of the building. You will need to head past the web.

Human #3

After obtaining the Thunder Hollow, head to Maker’s Forge and take the tornado in front of it. On the newly discovered path, keep heading straight and soon you will glide down between two buildings where the human is waiting to be rescued.

Human #4

Head south from North End Serpent Hole and jump into the pit. Look for the human in the crawl space here.

Human #5

Located behind the purple wall, on the main road after you cross the North End Serpent Hole. You will need Force Hollow or use a bug from the nearby building to get to this human.

Human #6

Check the back wall of Crossroads near an Ogre and you will find a human behind a Force Wall. You will first need to smash it with your hammer.


There are five humans in Nether for you to find and rescue.

Human #1

After burning the web with the bug and red goo, kill the enemy that spawns behind you and then enter the hole by crawling and find the human.

Human #2

Located above the stairs at the Cistern Serpent Hole.

Human #3

After obtaining the Force Hollow, return to Tangled Grotto and go up the stairs. Break the purple wall and use Flame Jump to get to the area to your right. Find the hole and crawl through it to reach the upper level. Follow the path and find the human at the end. Do not fall down the holes in the ground.

Human # 4

Once you have defeated Wrath, find the slanted train in the Tangled Grotto and enter the small crawling hole to find a human.

Human #5

On the same upper level in Tangled Grotto, where you rescued a human earlier, look for a path to get down. This is the other one which does not have the web spike above it. Follow this path and you will reach a human.


There are four humans in the Bonelands.

Human #1

Once you have exited the warehouse using the bug and the goo, head behind the shipping crates on the right side to find a human.

Human #2

Cross the Drowned District and you will eventually come to a warehouse. Burn down the grapple points and look on the right side of the second grapple point to jump inside. Burn the web at the entrance to clear a path to the human.

Human #3

Cross the Mangled Freeway Serpent Hole to find a human on the main road.

Human #4

Located in the upper floor of the flooded generator room. To head there, use Thunder Hollow to glide across the acid river. This can be easily seen in the area where Gluttony falls into the Depths. Head straight to the path and push the Mansk till you reach the purple pillar. Here, climb the Mansk and reach the upper area.


There are three humans in the Depths.

Human #1

After you have solved the puzzle with the two purple pillars near the Eroded Pipeline Serpent Hole, jump over the wall to find the human.

Human #2

After you have obtained the Stasis Hollow, head back to Depths. Spawn at the Sunken Tracks Serpent Hole and use the nearby Stasis Wall. Turn around and you will be able to see a hook. Use it to swing across to the magnetic wall. Use it and you will arrive on the other side. Go through the door to find the human.

Human #3

Spawn at the Sewage Egris and enter the Stasis Wall next to it to find a human. This is near the boss battle with Gluttony.


There are two humans in Scar.

Human #1

Head to the Drilling Annex Serpent Hole and spin the tower with Salvation and Force Hollow. You will then need to jump up two Stasis Walls to reach the human.

Human #2

In the area where you see two spiked rollers and many ranged enemies, freeze the spiked rollers and head beneath them to rescue the human there.

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This concludes our Darksiders III Humans Location Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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