Where to Find Curtis’ Safe Key in Dead Island 2 – Wine Room Safe Key

Dead Island 2 Curtis' Safe Key

People are always screaming for help in Dead Island 2 and as you explore more and more locations, you will find tons of NPCs who are calling out for someone to help them. The Goat Pen is surrounded by tons of big mansions where once the wealthy lived in comfort however with the undead running around without any control, these wealthy people now need someone to keep them safe as well and this is where you come in. One such wealthy person is Curtis who will call you for help and he has a big safe with plenty of goodies locked in it as well. Naturally, you will need a key to open his safe and we have curated this Dead Island 2 guide which tells you exactly what you need to find the key to Curtis’ safe.

Curtis’s Safe Key Location – Dead Island 2

Curtis will give you a side quest that will require you to clear his mansion from all sorts of zombies. You will find Curtis’ mansion between Alpine Dr and Access Rd 781. This mansion has a workbench as well so it will be marked on your map. It is pretty big and is really hard to miss. Go inside and speak with Curtis to trigger the side quest. The safe is found in Curtis’ wine room however we will come to that later. Now, you must go to the area in front of the house to find some Screamers. Kill them all and if you see a named Screamer here called ‘Crystal the Lawyer’, take her down as well.

You can access Curtis’ mansion once you start ‘The Death of the Party’ side quest but if you do not find ‘Crystal the Lawyer’ Screamer outside the mansion, you will need to start another side quest to make her spawn. Go to Emma Jaunt’s mansion to find Curtis and begin another side quest with his called Creature Comforts where you will need to find him liquor from two houses in the same area. Complete this side quest and then head back to the front of Curtis’ mansion where you found the Screamers. ‘Crystal the Lawyer’ should be here now so kill her and she will drop the key. Now make your way down to the wine room and use the key to open the safe and get whatever you need from the inside.

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