CS:GO is Now Free to Play and Gets a Battle Royale Mode


Looks like Valve wants to jump in competition with Fortnite and has added a Battle Royale mode to CS:GO called Danger Zone. Apart from getting a new Battle Royale mode, CS:GO is now also completely free for everyone.

Valve claims that Danger Zone is

A fast-paced battle royale game mode built on CS:GO’s tactical gameplay where players use their wits, skill, and resources to fight to the finish.

Coming to further details of the mode, 16 players will be able to join one game of Danger Zone and if they want to play in duos or triples, each map will have 18 players to make equal teams. The mode will feature the same weapons from the normal competitive modes and the damage model will also remain the same.

Each match will also be very short and will last only 10 minutes or less depending on how quickly players eliminate each other. The match length of 10 minutes is enough considering the fact that there will be only 16 or 18 players in a match at one time.

During the match, each player will be given a special tablet which can be upgraded and used for tracking enemies and buying items from it. Players will start the match with a knife and can later call in delivery drones with weapons and equipment at their desired location.

Players will need to claim a landing zone and then repel into the game rather than being dropped by a bus from the sky. Players will find cash all around the map which is used to purchase items from the tablet. Other than that, players can also bring hostages to the rescue zones for added points and money.

Danger Zone’s map is called Blacksite and currently only one map is present in the game. It is also the biggest map ever featured in any Counter-Strike game. Certain parts of the map are constantly bombed by airstrikes so players must keep moving. Players will need to scavenge for weapons or ammo if they are short on money for making purchases.

One good thing is that all custom skins from the normal mode can also be used in Danger Zone so you can bring your favorite skins online with you in Danger Zone. Coming to the main game itself, CS:GO going free opens up a lot of questions about Valve managing the anti-cheat system. Going free means that more casual gamers will now roam in the servers doing all sorts of things.

Die-hard fans of the franchise are not happy about Valve’s decision since CS games are famous for getting hacked into and players using different sorts of cheats allowing them a lot advantages in the game. The Battle Royale mode is also a very simplistic one and does not seem too bad when compared to other battle royale titles in the market.

It is evident that Valve has made this decision after getting much competition from Epic Games and other battle royale games.

What do you think about CS:GO going free and jumping on the Battle Royale bandwagon? Let us know in the comments section below.

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