Crysis Remastered Trailer, Release Date Leaked Ahead of its Official Reveal

Crysis Remastered Trailer

Update: Crysis Remastered has been delayed and it includes the game’s trailer premiere as well. The Crysis Remastered trailer was leaked earlier but the official release was slated for today however the developer has just revealed that the premiere and the launch of the game on all platforms has been delayed as they need more time to work on the game. You can check out their official announcement Tweet below:

Original report: Earlier we reported that Crysis Remastered has been leaked however after its confirmation and the official reveal coming soon, the game’s trailer and release date has actually been leaked. According to the new leak, we now have our first look at the beautiful visuals of Crysis Remastered in action along with the game’s release date thanks to a new trailer.

Before we jump in the details, check out the leaked trailer for Crysis Remastered below:

The official release is still 25 hours away at the time of publishing this article and will be much higher in quality. In addition, since the game is slated for release on Nintendo Switch as well so we can expect a visually low version of the game as well. Since the original Crysis game was notorious for putting people’s PCs to test with the CryEngine’s high visual fidelity. Crysis Remastered is slated to arrive with 4K visuals and HDR support which means that the game might push the limit once again.

The game is already listed on Microsoft’s store where its description reads:

 The classic first-person shooter from Crytek is back with the action-packed gameplay, sandbox world, and thrilling epic battles you loved the first time around – now with remastered graphics optimized for a new generation of hardware.

  • Suit up: Your Nanosuit’s speed, strength, armor, and cloaking allow creative solutions for every kind of fight.

  • Adapt: In an ever-changing environment, adapt your tactics to dominate on battlefields ranging from frozen jungle to alien environments.

  • Customize: A huge arsenal of modular weaponry provides unprecedented control over play style, with options ranging from the experimental to the alien.

  • Conquer: Life-like enemy AI require a strategic and flexible playstyle, as new challenges – including a zero-g battlefield– require players to take the offensive and be proactive.

  • Explore: Choose your own path through the open world of Crysis, destroying obstacles, driving vehicles, and using the environment itself against your enemies.

Crysis Remastered is slated for release on July 23, 2020, with the game arriving on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. The game’s size has been revealed to be only 7.01GB.

Are you looking forward to playing Crysis Remastered when it comes out next month? Let us know in the comments section below.

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