Onion Soup Interactive Unveils Couch Co-op and Nintendo Switch Version for SUPER 56

Indie developer Onion Soup Interactive, in collaboration with publisher WhisperGames, has unveiled exciting news for gamers, delivering a double dose of delight. Responding to community and fan base requests, the WarioWare-style minigame collection, SUPER 56, is now infused with couch multiplayer functionality on PC via Steam. Moreover, the developers have announced that work is in progress for the Nintendo Switch version of the game, catering to handheld console enthusiasts.

The addition of couch multiplayer in SUPER 56 opens up a realm of competitive fun, allowing 2 to 8 players to challenge each other in pass-the-controller play. In line with the main game’s ethos, each minigame requires only one button, ensuring accessibility for all players. Customizable game rules, including speed, stage types, and the number of rounds, offer flexibility to suit diverse gaming sessions.

Check out the couch co-op launch trailer for below:

Amy Madin, developer at Onion Soup Interactive, expressed enthusiasm about the new feature: “We always thought SUPER 56 would make an excellent party game, and we hope the addition of multiplayer allows for our game to enter that genre. Since adding the update, SUPER 56 has become a party-game staple at our house alongside the usual faves.”

Alongside the multiplayer update, SUPER 56 introduces an array of new content, including expanded Trials stages to provide players with unique challenges. The game also boasts gameplay improvements to numerous stages and the inclusion of mic mode—an experimental feature that utilizes microphone input for game control, catering to players with mobility impairments or those who prefer alternative control methods.

Key Features of SUPER 56:

  • 56 fast-paced games with unique references, homages, and humor
  • Diverse range of genres, from karting to dating sims, with each game controllable using one button
  • Mic mode for noise/voice control
  • Daily Challenges for fresh gameplay experiences
  • Steam leaderboard integration and over 80 achievements
  • Local multiplayer support for 2 to 8 players
  • Fully customizable character profiles and Mod Stones for self-expression
  • Dynamic soundtrack matching the stages and tempo of the game


SUPER 56 is available on Steam for $6.99, with an updated demo also available for download. Players can look forward to experiencing the chaotic fun of the game on Nintendo Switch in the near future.

Have you tried SUPER 56 or will you wait for the Nintendo Switch version to come out? Let us know in the comments section below.

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