Mutant Year Zero Developer Reveals New Game Corruption 2029

Review: Corruption 2029

Mutant Year Zero developers The Bearded Ladies have revealed a new tactical strategy game called Corruption 2029. A reveal trailer was also released which later confirms that the game will be available next week on February 17, 2020.

Corruption is a completely new tactical strategy IP that is set in a dystopian universe. The story of the game is set in the near future where you will command a squad of heavily augmented soldiers on a deadly mission to infiltrate an inhumane regime and discover the cause of the corruption that has turned America in a war-torn wasteland.


The core mechanics of the game will revolve around tactical, stealth and cover-based combat, with an array of distinct weapons and skills at your disposal. The game comes with multiple gameplay options that you can experiment with. Strategy in Corruption 2029 is indispensable, as you must determine whether or not violence is necessary before engaging the enemy.

Corruption 2029

There is also exploration where you find out secret vantage points that dramatically improves your chances for victory. Scoping through secret vantage points and combating with a well-planned strategy will increase your chances of demolishing the tyrannical rule and uncovering the truth behind America’s demise.

Corruption 2029

Corruption will be the next title by The Bearded Ladies after the success of Mutant Year Zero. The small indie game studio is based in Malmö, Sweden, and has a group of veterans who have previously worked on titles like PayDay and Hitman franchises. Corruption comes after DLC release for Mutant Year Zero where we got Seed of Evil last year.

Corruption 2029 is set to release next week on Monday, February 17. The is only launching for PC and will be available via the Epic Games Store for $19.95

What do you think of Corruption 2029 as the next title by The Bearded Ladies? Post your comments below.

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