Core Keeper Content Roadmap Revealed with Special Anniversary Update and More

Core Keeper Paws & Claws Update

Publisher Fireshine Games and developer Pugstorm have revealed the content roadmap for their early access title Core Keeper. Core Keeper is a hit mining sandbox adventure game and will be celebrating its first anniversary in March and the developer is celebrating with a major Anniversary update which also reveals the content roadmap for 2023 for Core Keeper. As part of the new updates pets and a lot more new content will arrive in Core Keeper.

Starting from March 8, 2023, Core Keeper will begin the celebration of its one-year anniversary for its Early Access release with the launch of the free Anniversary Update. The update will bring new seasonal items such as birthday hats and a birthday cake that permanently increases the player’s health, plus a permanent new music sheet for indie favorite Terraria. If you manage to find and equip this music sheet, you will be able to play a track from Terraria using fully-playable musical instruments.

Core Keeper Roadmap

Further ahead in March, the game will receive the Cherry Blossom Festival Update, another free update, that will bring new cherry trees and flowers to the game. You will be able to use these new additions to decorate your underground world, followed by an Easter Event in April 2023, which will introduce new Easter-themed seasonal outfits, decorative items, and environmental effects. After these seasonal updates, another major update for Core Keeper is planned called the Animal Update. The final name for this update will be announced closer to its launch.

The Animal Update will bring pets for the very first time in Core Keeper and you will be able to adopt a pet, look after it and take it with you everywhere you go in the game. Additional details of this update will be announced later. Further down in 2023, the next major update called the Crystal Update, the final name announced closer to launch, will arrive and it will bring a brand-new crystal-based biome into the game. You will be able to explore brand-new locations where you will fight new enemies, meet new characters, and brave a huge new boss. The update will also bring new materials, crafting options, equipment, and more.

Fredrik Präntare, Chief Executive Officer & Creative Director at Pugstorm commented:

We’re delighted to reveal our upcoming roadmap of content and announce the first details on our exciting Animal Update that we think players will love. We’ve been looking to introduce pets as a fun and meaningful mechanic to Core Keeper for a long time, and we’re excited to show them in action soon.

As we approach one year in Early Access, we’d like to say an extra special thank you to all of our players for the incredible support they’ve shown us and the positive feedback the game has received. Thanks to their support, we’ve been able to grow Core Keeper in ways we’d never thought possible. But this isn’t everything we have in store for the game, and we’re looking forward to revealing even more as we edge closer to a 1.0 release.

Apart from the new content roadmap reveal, Pugstorm and Fireshine Games are also hinting at a price increase for the game however we do not know yet how much the price will be increased at this point. If you are interested in Core Keeper, you can head over to Steam to jump into the Early Access version of the game or just add it to your wishlist if you want to wait for more updates to arrive in the game.

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What do you think of the new 2023 roadmap revealed for Core Keeper? Let us know in the comments section below.

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