Control by Remedy Entertainment Gets Max Payne and Alan Wake Lead Voice Actors


Control is another take from Remedy Entertainment that will release sometime in 2019. The game will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. The lead voice actors of Max Payne and Alan Wake: two great games from Remedy Entertainment, will now join Control.

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The announcement was revealed in a developer diary video. In the video both lead characters mentioned that they will be appearing as voice actors in Control game. James McCaffrey, the lead voice actor of Max in Max Payne will play Zachariah Trench. In Control, Zachariah Trench is the former director of  Federal Bureau of Control.

Matthew Porretta who voiced Alan in Alan Wake will play Porretta in Control. Porretta is the head of research and will play as Dr. Casper Darling. For more Check out the video below.

In another news, A new story trailer revealed for Battlefield V shows the single-player campaign that will be in the upcoming game. in the trailer, all 4 war stories for the campaign was shown which are featured from around the world. Battlefield V is coming out next month for PlayStation 4, Xbox and PC.

Keeping up with the trend of Battlefield 1, Battlefield V’s solo campaign, which is called War Stories, will feature tales from around the world of men and women that found themselves in the events of the World War.

The single-played campaign will feature 4 War Stories in total, Nordlys. Under No Flag, Tirailleur, and The Last Tiger. The first story, Nordlys will follow with a female fighter in Norway as she will battle for her country’s liberation from occupying forces, as well as for her family’s survival.

The Under No Flag war story will be based on a British Soldier’s War Story which looks to be the most action filled war story we have seen in the trailer. The third War Story, the Last Tiger will feature the story of a German tank driver during the latter stage of WW2, where the allied forces are closing in and all hope has faded away.

Check the official war stories trailer here.




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