Build a New City After a Devastating Solar Flare in New Cycle, Demo Heading to Steam Next Fest

New Cycle

Turkish video game studio Core Engage has revealed its upcoming city builder New Cycle which is slated for an Early Access release later this year. New Cycle takes place 50 years after a devastating solar flare and now humanity is rebounding as they work to find a new normal for their civilization. New Cycle is set in a post-apocalyptic world where you will need to reshape the world around you in order to survive against all odds. Core Engage has released a brand-new trailer for New Cycle and you can check it out below before we jump into additional details:

New Cycle is built on the philosophy that survival should not be the ultimate goal for humanity and our species should not simply accept it as the purpose of a stagnant life. Development and progress must carry on at all times. Building on this very purpose, New Cycle initially starts with the goal of feeding its population and establishing a settlement with makeshift structures but eventually, it expands into a complex industrial metropolis where tons of components of different varieties are processed and which is capable of developing and implementing massive projects.

New Cycle offers a variety of mechanics to organize and manage the entire settlement with its production trees, society, class structure, city life, and interactions with the outside world. The game tries to create a successful hybrid of different mechanics while delivering a true city-building experience. The solar flare that devastated the world resulted in unpredictable weather conditions throughout the year and you have to keep this in mind. The extremely volatile seasonal cycle poses a great threat and you have to adapt quickly to these changes in order to survive to see another season.

New Cycle

Key features of New Cycle include:

  • Collect and Survive off the Land: Following a devastating solar flare, players will need to teach their people how to survive off the Earth’s gifts. Forage, mine, or trade to build up a resource cycle to stand up to any challenge presented by the New World.
  • Face an Uncaring World: The eroded atmosphere of the New World presents an extremely fickle seasonal cycle. Watch out for destructive events that may bring unforeseen challenges to your settlement.
  • Lead Your People: Not only are the citizens your primary resource, but they will also be your devoted followers. Support them in any way you can, and manage their morale, efficiency, and workforce size. However, don’t let the role of Chief get to your head and leave your followers in disarray.
  • Sculpt Your Settlement: Take this second chance at life to rise from the ashes to build up a new metropolis. Go from footpaths up to factories to create a city worthy of your capability as a leader.
  • Move Humanity Forward: Overcome obstacles by developing forgotten technologies, and enacting unifying societal rules. Some of these advancements may be essential in propagating life on Earth as a whole.

If you are interested in New Cycle and the game looks appealing to you, you can check out the game’s official Steam page and add it to your wishlist if you would be interested in playing it when it launches in early access later this year. A free demo for the game is also available now that you can download and try it out.

What are your thoughts on New Cycle and is it something that you might be interested in playing when it comes out? Let us know in the comments section below.

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