Retro Sci-Fi Thriller Commander 85 Releasing in Autumn This Year

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The Moonwalls Studio has announced that its upcoming retro sci-fi thriller, Commander 85 is planned for a release this autumn 2020. The game will be releasing for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Commander 85 is set in the ’80s featuring adventure, survival and science fiction thriller elements in the gameplay. The development of the game is currently running on crowdfunding on Kickstarted. According to the developers, the team will work on more content depending on the goals they can reach with crowdfunding. The collected funds will be used to expand the game, where we can see special add-ons and a VR mode with cutscenes.

Commander 85

The main protagonist of the game is a teenager living in the suburbs of Chicago, who receives a Commander computer as a birthday present. The device itself turns out to be the highest technological achievement as it is the state of the art device equipped with a real AI system.

Marcin Makaj, who is the brains behind Commander 85, had this to add about the game,

Commander ’85 will be full of surprises. The plot will deal with, among others, themes of the arms race, military experiments, the Roswell incident, nuclear war and – of course – artificial intelligence. However, I don’t want to reveal too much and spoil the fun. It’s important to note that each game session is basically different. We’ve prepared hundreds of different possibilities, many random elements, side quests and three different endings.

Commander 85

Here are the key features of Commander ’85:

  • a retro sci-fi thriller;
  • adventure, simulation and survival;
  • set in the 1980s;
  • random events and 3 different endings;
  • a ton of pop-culture references;
  • many additional games and programs;
  • atmospheric soundtrack.

Commander 85 is planned for a release this autumn, however, a release date has not been confirmed by the developers nor the game’s publishing company. Post your comments below.

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