Civilization VI is coming to the Nintendo Switch – 4 Playable Scenarios

Civilization VI

2K Games has announced that Civilization VI for the Nintendo Switch is coming on November 16, 2018. The Nintendo Switch version of the game will have the latest game updates and improvements, four pieces of additional content which adds four new civilizations, leaders and scenarios.

The new scenarios that are coming in the update are Vikings pack, Poland pack, Persia and Macedon pack and Australia pack. The game also features 24 different leaders that include Cleopatra of Egypt, Trajan of Rome and Hojo Tokimune of Japan

The game’s website states, “Civilization VI for Nintendo Switch includes four playable scenarios, each with a different setting and style of gameplay inspired by history. Be part of the colonization of Australia in ‘Outback Tycoon,’ defend Poland from invaders in ‘Jadwiga’s Legacy’ choose a Viking leader to plunder Europe in ‘Vikings, Raiders, and Traders,’ or conquer the known world in the ‘Conquests of Alexander.”

Civilization VI for the Nintendo Switch will also allow up to four players to cooperate or compete in wireless local multiplayer.

2K Games released Civilization VI for PC in 2016 and was later introduced for iOS, Linux and Mac. The goal for players in the game is to lead their civilization from an early settlement and through many millennia to become a strong world power. Victory in the game is granted on a certain conditions such as through military power, diplomatic leadership or cultural influence. Players can play and compete with a computer bot or other human players.

Players are set objectives as to explore world and build city with improvements. Optionally players can use their military technology to attack other civilizations to gain power or defend from incoming attacks. Alternatively, negotiation with other world leaders can also play a pivotal role in the game.

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