Citizen Sleeper Celebrates First Anniversary as Developer and Publisher Announce New Project

Citizen Sleeper First Anniversary

Publisher Fellow Traveller and developer Jump Over the Age have announced the details of the first anniversary celebrations of their title Citizen Sleeper. Citizen Sleeper will celebrate its first anniversary starting today, May 1 and it will continue to run until May 5, 2023. During these five days, the developers have planned multiple announcements, fan competitions, special livestreams, and the game’s biggest discount to date.

To kick off the first anniversary celebrations of Citizen Sleeper, the developer, and publisher of the game have announced that both studios are once again joining hands for a brand-new project. Work has already started on this new project and Citizen Sleeper’s solo developer Gareth Damian Martin is teaming again with Fellow Traveller alongside the title’s iconic character artist Guillaume Singelin and renowned composer Amos Roddy. With the whole team working together again, details of the new project will be revealed in the near future.

During its first year of launch, Citizen Sleeper managed to receive an incredible response from both players and critics alike. Citizen Sleeper managed to attract over half a million players and received 12 prestigious award nominations from The Game Awards, the BAFTAs, and the IGF. It also managed to get nominations in more than 30 Game of the Year lists with outlets such as Kotaku, The Gamer, Polygon, Giant Bomb, Nextlander, The Besties, and many more.

Jump Over the Age and Fellow Traveller are encouraging fans of Citizen Sleeper to join the official Discord server of the game Citizen Sleeper to engage with the full five days of celebrations with different activities and also sign up for the Jump Over the Age Substack to stay informed of new projects and developments in the expanded Citizen Sleeper universe. All fans who sign up for the substack will also receive exclusive access to high-res wallpaper versions of the newly commissioned artwork for the game. The game is receiving a special anniversary discount of 33% as well on all PC platforms and Nintendo Switch.

The celebrations will also continue as the developer and publisher will take part in LudoNarraCon 2023 which is hosted by Fellow Traveller. It will feature 44 exhibiting games, 16 panels & fireside chats, over 35 demos from up-and-coming indie narrative games, and a huge story-rich games sale. LudoNarraCon is running from May 4th to May 8th. Citizen Sleeper is currently available on Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, PS4 and PS5, and Xbox along with Game Pass for Xbox and PC. The game received its third and final episode at the end of March, earlier this year. Since its release, the game has received multiple episodes further expanding the game world.

Have you played Citizen Sleeper, and will you be joining in the first anniversary celebrations of the game? Also, what do you think of the developer and publisher joining hands for a brand-new project? Let us know in the comments section below.

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