Koza Games Reveals Circuits and Shields as a New Take on MOBA Genre

Circuits and Shields

Koza Games has just revealed a new title in the MOBA genre called Circuits and Shields, a game unlike any other where you will choose from a colorful cast of champions while battling out in a variety of unique arenas.

Circuits and Shields features an intense 5v5 team combat, which might seem easy to play, but is quite tricky to master. Koza Games calls Circuits and Shields a new take on the MOBA genre as it is developed with the knowledge gamed from over a decade of MOBA design and improving it in every aspect. The game simplifies and enhances familiar concepts like items, stats, and skills, making it a great fit for both new players and MOBA veterans.

Koza Games also released a 2-3 minute gameplay trailer, giving us a look at the Circuitball arena and the champions competing in it.

The game features a colorful cast of champions from a peaceful, flower-loving Fabled who accidentally becomes the Grim Reaper, to an acrobatic broom-wielding Machina obsessed only with cleaning, Circuits is full of zany characters each with their own backstory. The dynamic personality of each character combined with dynamic spell and kit designs will have you eager to play as the champions.

Moving on to the world of the game, Circuits and Shields promises a living, breathing universe that follows three races, the Humans, Machina, and Fabled as they journey into a new paradise-like world rung by the mythical Avos.

Game Features:

  • “Blessings” help accelerate non-combat portions to get you into the action quicker
  • Unlock unique cosmetic effects like Emotes and Sprays
  • Accessories that are champion-specific items that work on any skin
  • All New Arenas such as single-lane arena “Standoff” and our offense/defense Helm’s Deep Style “Siege” and of course the classic three-lane arena

What do you think of the teaser trailer of the game? Post your comments below and let us know what you think of Circuits and Shields by Koza Games. 

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