Spooky Adventure Children of Silentown to Release Next Year, Prologue Available Right Now

Children of Silentown

Daedalic Entertainment, Elf Games, and Luna2 Studio have announced to bring its spooky-cute adventure Children of Silentown on PC and consoles in early 2022. The game’s prologue is available right now for free on Steam where you can try out and get a taste of what the game is about.

Before we dive into the game details, check out the trailer of Children of Silentown below:

Children of Silentown visualizes a beautifully hand-drawn 2D world with a grim and creepy flair. Lucy can solve curious puzzles by combining various items for surprising results or play minigames with the village’s other children. Music plays an important role and learning to sing helps Lucy in tricky situations.

The dark adventure game tells us the story of Lucy, a young girl who is growing up in a village deep into a forest that is inhabited by monsters. Missing people is a common occurrence here, but this time, Lucy has to get on her feet and investigate on her own about what is going on.

The forest is a dark and spooky place that is filled with monsters. But Lucy has to search the village for clues, solve puzzles, meet new and quirky characters and animals along the way, and deal with a very mean cat.

Children of Silentown


  • Explore Silentown in search of hints, but beware: do not enter the forest.
  • A unique, unsettling 2D art style fitting for a mysterious, dark tale.
  • Music plays a crucial role, and learning how to sing will help Lucy in times of need.
  • Combine items to obtain widely unexpected results!
  •  Many quirky characters (and animals!) to interact with. Be nice to them before they disappear.
  • Play minigames with the other children of the village!
  • A very mean cat, programmed to mess with Lucy at any given chance.
  • Solve curious, original puzzles

What do you think of Children of Silentown? Are you going to try out the free prologe of the game on Steam? Post your comments below.

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