Catherine: Full Body Gets a Release Date for Japan, Demo Available on TGS 2018

Catherine: Full Body

Atlus has finally announced the release date for Catherine: Full Body for the Japan region. The game is slated for release on February 14, 2019. There is no confirmed date however for US and Europe regions.

Catherine: Full Body

Catherine: Full Body was first announced in December 2017 and the first trailer was shown during the E3 2018. Check it out below.

Now we have a confirmed release date for Japan, as Atlus has revealed it in the latest issue of the Famitsu magazine. The developers of the game have also given out some new screenshots of the game. You can check them out below.

Catherine: Full Body Catherine: Full Body Catherine: Full Body Catherine: Full Body

Catherine: Full Body is an advanced port of 2011’s Catherine, which was an action-adventure puzzle game in which you played as Vincent who was trying to keep a positive relationship with two girls at the same time. Both girls represented a different part of the relationship and Vincent is too reluctant to reveal that to Katherine who he is getting married to.

Catherine: Full Body introduces a third girl by the name of Rin who is now in the picture as well. Developers are making the game more accessible this time to attract more players to the game. They are adding different difficulty settings with a completely new convenient system. The game will feature multiple endings and more story branches since now we will have a third girl on board.

Several new modes are also planned about the game while the developers will also present a cross-save support between the PS4 and PS Vita systems. The game will also be released in the western regions but currently we do not have a confirmed date for the western release. So far, the developers have only revealed the release date for Japan.

The developers of the game have also revealed that during the Tokyo Game Show 2018, they will be showing more of the game and a playable demo will also be on the show so players will be able to check out the sequel themselves.

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Article Source: Gematsu, Famitsu

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