Castle Kong Releasing This Week for PC with a $5,000 Challenge

Castle Kong

Drowning Monkeys Games announce the release of their upcoming title Castle Kong with a challenge that rewards you with $5,000. The game is an homage to the classic Nintendo arcade game, Donkey Kong, and will be released on June 4th for PC. The Nintendo Switch release for the game will happen exactly a month later on July 4th.

First things first, the challenge is pretty simple and straightforward. The developers offer a reward of $5,000 real money to the first player to complete the game and reach the kill screen. All you have to do is get a copy of the game, start streaming your attempt for later proof, and compete to be the first player to end the game without wasting all three lives you get. The challenge will be live until June 6th, providing players ample amounts of time to compete together.

Josh Chudnovsky from Drowning Monkeys Games had this to say about the game,

Castle Kong to the vast majority on initial inspection will look exactly like an original presentation lacking certain finesse and sophistication of a technology-led processor-hungry title which is exactly our aim. We wanted to create a game that looked, felt, and played like an arcade classic of bygone days, a truly heartfelt homage to a classic, like Donkey Kong. Offering both a challenge and an appeal that makes the player want to play just a little bit more each time they load up, whether it be for five minutes or a few hours….. Castle Kong fits perfectly. Complete the game, reach the kill screen and you could be the big cash prize winner!

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Castle Kong will take you back to the retro feel, ambiance, and addictive qualities of the original classic Donkey Kong game. It features a delightful challenge and arcade gaming appeal that will have players come back for more. The game features 22 levels traversing through four different stages, with just 3 lives to complete your epic quest.


  1. Please visit up-to-date Rules
  2. Castle Kong will only become fully playable on June 5th. This is to keep people from practicing the later levels and winning on day 1


  • First to the kill screen: $5000* (Winner is only eligible for this prize)
  • Highest Score (other than the “Kill Screen” contestant): $1250
  • 2nd Highest Score: $1000
  • 3rd Highest Score: $500
  • 4th-9th Highest Scores: $250

Are you going to participate in the Castle Kong challenge? Post your comments below.

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