Retro-Inspired Castle Kong Gets a Nintendo Switch Release Date

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Drowning Monkey Games has announced the Nintendo Switch release date of their upcoming title Castle Kong. Their retro-inspired title Castle Kong pays tribute to the classic title Donkey Kong and will be released on Nintendo Switch on February 25, 2021, and will cost $6.99 to take you back in time with its classic gameplay.

Castle Kong is heavily inspired by the Nintendo arcade game Donkey Kong as it recreates the same kind of looks, retro visuals, and stages however it brings completely new addictive challenges that were not present in the early times. It features 22 levels set in four stages and just 3 lives for you to complete the full game. It is certainly going to be a challenging title. This means that the game is not going to be easy to complete and because of this very reason, the developers are also offering players a huge reward for completing the game.

Detailed on their official website, Drowning Monkey Games has announced that it is giving away a huge amount of $5000 to the first player who manages to reach the Kill Screen first. Sadly, at the time of posting this article, this challenge has already been completed by ‘Barra’ however there is still $3500 left to be won by players. The rest of the challenges include High Scores and we have detailed them below:

  • Highest score (other than the kill screen contestant): $1250
  • 2nd highest score: $750
  • 3rd highest score: $500
  • 4th-5th highest scores: $250
  • 6-10th highest scores: $100

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You can check out the details apart from all of the Rules and Regulations of the tournament and how you can participate in the Castle Kong $3.5K tournament. You can head over to the Steam page for Castle Kong to install and play the game on your PC or laptop since it is completely free on Steam. The full game however is still locked behind a paywall and if you hurry up, you can get the game at a 20% discount. The Nintendo Switch version will be available next week.

Let us know in the comments section below whether you would be interested in playing Castle Kong when it comes out on the Nintendo Switch on release date or not.

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